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The rot continues in SA sport

April 10, 2013

ASA, CSA, SANABO, SSA, VSA – more blanket problems in SA sport and the one common thread is SASCOC, but yet again, they take no accountability and are answerable to no-one.

Initially I thought it was an “April fools joke”, but the real joke is Swimming South Africa (SSA).

SA swimmers (not in the SASCOC Opex programme) will have to pay their own way to compete in the FINA World Championships in Barcelona later this year. Cameron van der Burgh, Chad le Clos, Suzaan van Biljon, Roland Schoeman are currently the only swimmers in the Opex programme for 2016. SSA is cash-strapped and cannot fund their trip.

So, the majority of the swimmers will have to pay for their own flights and accommodation for the championship starting on July 19th.
The swimming federation lost their major sponsor, Telkom last year and you can’t blame corporate SA for not sponsoring swimming.

SSA has been drowning in maladministration for years and the same officials are still there and amazingly, SASCOC turns a blind eye when it comes to their “mates” running an association into the ground.

Jace Naidoo, who is President of SSA, was co-opted onto the SASCOC board last year, thanks to good friend and SASCOC CEO, Tubby Reddy. Would still like to know how an administrator with such a poor record can be co-opted onto the SASCOC board?

I guess the same way Reddy took over the CEO role without the job ever being advertised. It’s just rotten to the core.

SSA has wasted so much money over the years and the swimmers continue to suffer as a consequence.

Add insult to injury, SA swimmers are unable to wear and earn from their own kit sponsor as they are only permitted to wear Arena, which is the SA swimsuit partner. So, how does an SA swimmer who’s not in the SASCOC Opex programme afford to go to the world championships?

Naidoo should accept responsibility and resign.

Sports Minister, Fikile Mbalula, said he was unaware of the plight of SSA. A couple weeks ago, the sports minister was also waxing lyrical about the four year plan to turn boxing around in SA.

I wonder if Mr Mbalula is aware that the International Boxing Association (AIBA) won’t recognize the last South African National Boxing Association (SANABO) election due to alleged SASCOC interference.

Just another case of SASCOC trying to put their friends in high places at the detriment of the sport.

When will it end?

I was also horrified to see a recent official Volleyball SA (VSA) document, which just smacks of racism.

General Secretary of VSA, Kriba Reddy is quoted as saying :

“ Maybe it is now time for VSA to effect its right and rid itself of relics of the past and continue as one of the most transformed sports in the country with more players of color playing beach volleyball in the history of the game in South Africa.”

Wonder if Kriba Reddy is related to Tubby Reddy and just how many other family members are high up in SA sport? Tubby is President of VSA as well and would be interesting to know when last he went to a SA volleyball event or is he just holding onto the position because of the Lotto money?

I read the Sunday Times story headlined, “ Logo no-go as SASCOC guns for Cricket SA (CSA)” with much interest.

SASCOC is not happy with the combination of the flag and King Protea on the cricketers’ uniform and Tubby Reddy was quoted as saying: “There is no room for negotiation and the regulation doesn’t allow for a combination logo.”

How ironic that SASCOC has laid some complaints with the Press Ombudsman over selective columns of mine and one of their claims is that:

“CSA is an organisation independent of SASCOC and SASCOC is not authorised nor obliged to intervene in the affairs of CSA in any way. To the extent that these allegations are understood by the readers of the article to mean that SASCOC has any duties towards CSA including a duty to condemn CSA and the BCCI, this is not true.”

Needless to say CSA is a member of SASCOC and to say they haven’t intervened in the affairs of CSA is disingenuous in the extreme!

I can name at least three cases in recent months where they intervened eg. composition of a new CSA board.

As for Athletics South Africa (ASA) – what a mess this still is and the only ones losing out in the leadership battle are our athletes.

A new ASA special AGM was called for on 12 April to set aside the impeachment of ASA president, James Evans. But SASCOC want Evans out and Reddy says such a meeting could not be called as the arbitration process had been commissioned. Evans has since won a court order and interdict against the attempt to remove or suspend him pending the arbitration.

So, SASCOC’s “dirty hand” played in this attempted impeachment process looks set to backfire.

Meanwhile, have you got your invite?

The National Lotteries Board gala black tie dinner for all stakeholders and beneficiaries on 18 April is for 2,500 guests.

Yes, 2,500 guests.

Wonder how many millions of Rands will be spent on this dinner and who got the tender?

But the majority of our swimmers must pay their own way to Barcelona.

The Sports Minister and SASCOC have become a national embarrassment and they should do the honourable thing and resign.

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