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SASCOC points fingers at ASA

March 4, 2013

How low can you go SASCOC?

Never mind a family has lost a precious daughter, Tubby Reddy and company are playing the blame game and trying to silence all those who tell the truth. SASCOC are also pointing fingers at Athletics South Africa (ASA) over the Olympic selection of Oscar Pistorius.

Reddy sent his typical “bullying” SASCOC letter to ASA calling for disciplinary action against Geraldine Pillay after she appeared on Carte Blanche last month.

The letter states: “We refer to the above programme and the interview given by a member of your Board, namely Ms Geraldine Pillay, in which she comments on and provides information relating to the selection of Mr Oscar Pistorius who participated in the 2012 London Olympics. The interview given by Ms Pillay in respect of the selection of Mr Pistorius was totally devoid of truth, incorrect and could be construed as malicious in respect of SASCOC’s involvement in Mr Pistorius’ s participation at the aforesaid Olympic Games.“

Devoid of truth?  (laughable)

Mr Reddy, perhaps you should have rather stated what those untruths were. But once again, I think you would struggle. SASCOC has a bad reputation when it comes to telling the truth. I get a feeling that some of these SASCOC administrators can’t even “lie” straight in bed.

The SASCOC letter goes on to say: “We find that the comments made by Ms Pillay to be totally untrue, unacceptable and mischievous, and certainly bringing both the Sport and SASCOC into disrepute. Accordingly, you are requested to advise as to what action you intend taking in this regard, failing which we will have no alternative but to recommend to the SASCOC Board that it implement the provisions of Article of our Articles of Association“

SASCOC, the playground bully, then adds in their demand to ASA: “You will recall that Mr Pistorius was selected, and qualified to run the 4x400m and based on the initial suggestion which came from your body, and in view of Mr Pistorius having achieved an International ‘A’ Grading qualification, you recommended that he be allowed to run the individual 400m, motivating further that this would help the 4x400m relay process. Merely for the record SASCOC at no stage decided that Mr Pistorius should run the 400m individual, this came from ASA. You should also recall and be aware of (which I am sure you were) that SASCOC advised Mr Pistorius that he was obliged to attend the training camp for the 4x400m and not stay away to concentrate on a race which he had not qualified for.“


So, Mr Reddy – you admit Oscar never qualified. What then did Ms Pillay say that was untrue?

You also have a very short memory Mr Reddy.

Perhaps, you should recall the weightlifting and equestrian selection debacles ahead of London 2012, the latter which saw SASCOC embarrass the country in front of the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne.

SASCOC repeatedly goes on record saying, they have the final say on an athlete’s participation in the Olympics and SA only sends medal contenders. So, now your political pawn from London 2012 has let you down and you put the blame on ASA for Oscar’s Olympic selection.

During the London Games, SASCOC couldn’t milk the “Oscar brand” more.

SASCOC even called media conferences to show Oscar off to the world while some of our other athletes were competing.

Mr Reddy, was it also ASA who selected Oscar as the flag bearer for the closing ceremony?


Another one of SA’s great athletes, Ernst van Dyk recently resigned from the Cycling SA board (CSA), saying in a “leaked email”: “The glimpse I got into the politics in sport at the recent SASCOC elections also gave me second thoughts on any plans for future involvement in the administration of sport. I had no disillusions about my chances of getting elected and I only went through the process as I wanted to see how these things unfold. Unfortunately what I witnessed during that process with certain last minute withdrawals of candidates to not split the votes on other candidates and then those late withdrawals simply got co-opted on to the board at a later stage was very informative and I now understand it’s not a place or a space where I want to be or function.”

How ironic Mr Reddy that you sent a letter to Cycling South Africa (CSA), calling for action against Van Dyk.

“At this stage, we would like a complete report from you (CSA) on your investigation as to the source of the leak and the measures you have taken in this regard. Once this report has been received, only then will we be able to give you our final indication in regard to Ernst van Dyk.“

So, Ernst now faces a possible loss of income from SASCOC, who cannot handle the truth about how they fixed their last elections.

Who cares about leaks Mr Reddy? If SASCOC ran a clean ship, you wouldn’t have to worry about any leaks.

Mr Reddy, I would strongly recommend under article (I just made this provision up, which I’m sure you can identify with) – that you, Mr Gideon Sam and the entire SASCOC board resign with immediate effect and at the same time, open the SASCOC books for a full forensic audit.

SA needs clean, fair, honest administrators who have a passion for sport and not a passion for continually enriching themselves !

People like Geraldine Pillay and Ernst van Dyk should be running sport in this country.

Not you playground bullies.

Over the last six months, I have documented just some of the corruption and dire administration that goes on within the four walls of the Olympic House in Johannesburg.

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